Ways to Incorporate More Storage in a Small Home

Solutions to maintain an uncluttered space in a compact apartment

In a small home like the typical three-room HDB flat or shoebox apartment in Singapore, space has to be tackled well so as to accommodate storage. Let’s face it; for many of us, our belongings do tend to grow over time, so it is only wise to think through our storage needs right from the start. That said, we’ve sussed out tips on how to plan for storage in the home at any stage, be it before renovations or even after you’ve lived in the home for a few years.

Double duty furniture

When it comes to dealing with a small space, choosing double duty furniture is a practical route to take. Some furniture pieces are a must in the home, and these include your bed and dining space. When choosing a bed, look for those with hidden storage. This can be found beneath the mattress or within the headboard. Storage under the mattress can mean anything from large drawers or mattress bases that can be lifted to reveal large holding areas. These days, many creative designs are available such as bookshelves placed on the side of the headboard, which is bound to appeal to those with a nightly reading habit. Likewise, if you are building window seats in your home, why not incorporate storage under the seats too?

Feature wall plus storage

Having storage units that serve as a feature wall or vice versa can earn you some precious storage space. Whether applied in the living area, kitchen or dining area, this is certainly left up to your imagination. Note that this is typically customised, so you will need to engage an interior designer or contractor to draw up an ideal design for you.

Open shelves are a must

It’s safe to say that a home entirely clad with covered storage might turn out to be a strict-looking, boxy interior. That’s because open shelves serve as display areas where you could place your favourite objects in full view. These same objects also help in breaking the monotony of clean lines. Having wall-mounted shelves away from the floor also makes your job of cleaning the home easy. Be very careful not to have too many open shelves as you’ll end up with a cluttered home instead.

Get creative with partitions

Open-plan interior designs are popular among homeowners of small spaces. It’s not surprising, as open-plan homes allow unobstructed visual flow from one space to the next. The home, as a result, appears less constricted and more spacious. On the flipside, if you prefer partitions to separate certain spaces within your small home, then it will be beneficial to get creative. Instead of a solid wall, built open shelves to separate your study from the living room. That way, you’ll allow the needed visual flow while these shelves that house your favourite collectibles can be enjoyed from different parts of the home.