Top Ideas to Make Your Guests Feel at Home When You Host

Hosting parties at home this Hari Raya and National Day? Get these ideas on being the perfect host

With the Hari Raya Puasa and Singapore’s National Day holidays round the corner, you might be considering hosting a party at home with your friends and loved ones. Whether you’re hosting a party for the first time or regularly have guests at home, these tips would come in handy for your next home party. Make guests feel comfortable and you’ll be remembered for your hospitality.

Prepare your guests before they reach your home
It’s always a good idea to inform your guests about what to expect before the party itself. Will it be a dinner party, a sit-down affair where everyone needs to be there at the same time? Or is it a buffet-style party where everyone could come and go anytime? Do you have a theme for the party? Inform your guests of any dress code or colours they should wear.

Give them clear directions to your place
Is your home near an MRT station? Or deep within a private estate? Whichever it is, guests appreciate having directions to your home even in today’s modern world with navigation smartphone apps and GPS. Inform guests about landmarks near your home. It could be a shopping mall, school or park.

Ask about dietary intolerances and restrictions
Most, if not all, would appreciate this gesture. That’s because most people would not bring up their dietary restrictions unless asked. But it’s also especially important if you have guests who are vegetarians or vegans. Find out also if your guests have religious restrictions so that you are able to provide the right types of food for them. Always, always find out about allergies. Food allergies can be lethal. You wouldn’t want to have nuts or seafood in your recipes if your guests have allergies to them.

Find a place for your pets
Your cats or dogs may be your best friends, but not everyone is an animal lover. Be mindful that some might have had a bad childhood experience that made them fear animals. You could either keep your pets in one room or put them up at a pet hotel just for a day. Be mindful of animal hairs on your sofa and cushions too.

Settle most of your cooking before the first guest arrives
Are you preparing your much-requested rendang recipe for Hari Raya? Or do you plan on serving your favourite quiche for your guests this National Day? How about the fruit salad recipe you’ve been dying to share with friends? Make sure you’ve got most of your cooking or food preparation before your guests arrive.

Have things for them to look at
You may need to prepare your food or mix drinks for them. Have magazines, newspapers and photo albums in the living area. This is particularly important if you do not have an open-plan home that would make conversations difficult.

Do a house tour and share house rules
Show your guests around your home, particularly for first time guests. Don’t forget to tell them where the bathroom is. If you don’t like smoking in the house, be upfront yet subtle. Show them where they can smoke, be it outside the house or at the staircase landing. They’ll know where to go later when they want to light up.

Clear clutter
Put away any sign of clutter! Even in spaces where guests may not linger. Leave surfaces clear so guests can have space to place their glasses and plates without worry of accidents.

Bring out plates and glasses to be used for the party
Most guests would want to help out where they could. Get ready plates and glasses on your dining table or kitchen counter instead of inside your kitchen cabinets. They will be able to help you set the table or pour out drinks.