Stylish Walk-in Wardrobes in Real Homes

Planning a walk-in wardrobe for your home? Take inspiration from these trendy yet practical spaces

For the fashion-savvy, a home is incomplete without a walk-in wardrobe. And because walk-in wardrobes are best customised to your needs, take liberty in designing a space that you would truly love. While creating a space that’s practical for storage purposes, remember to have fun too. We suss out some walk-in wardrobes to get your creative juices flowing.

Walk-in wardrobes need not be tucked away out of sight. This home (above) features a walk-in wardrobe encased in glass. When illuminated, the space takes on the feel of a boutique window, adding a great sense of sophistication to the connected bedroom. Notice also that instead of long rows of two-level racks, the homeowner has opted for well spaced out single-level racks backed by panels and topped with narrow shelves – all of which contribute to the boutique feel.


Perhaps your walk-in wardrobe is a space for your eyes only. But don’t hesitate to create a one-of-a-kind feature in your walk-in wardrobe. In this case, the oversized mirror is framed with lighting, a contemporary twist on the old Hollywood style of framing mirrors with light bulbs. Pay attention to small details, such as identical hangers – in this case, wooden hangers – that help keep the space looking neat.


As your walk-in wardrobe is highly customised, consider carefully the amount of shelves and racks you would need. The owner of this walk-in wardrobe has opted for plenty of shelves, which hold items neatly stored in boxes. As this walk-in wardrobe is located near a large window, the feel is kept airy and casual. This has been achieved with the use of woodgrain finishes and a pole system for the wardrobe. For better organisation, consider an island unit with slim shelves for small objects. A glass top on the island unit makes it easier to view all your favourite items too.

Thinking of converting one bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe? If you have the luxury of space, create a walk-in wardrobe that is not only practical, but also one that doubles up as a personal hideout. This walk-in wardrobe is complete with a plush button-tufted chaise longue where one could snuggle up with a good book. Imbue texture and soften the look of the space by employing heavy curtains over the windows. With ample space to work with, consider including a vanity table. Tall narrow niches for bags are also great to fit into awkward spaces.