Practical Renovation Tips for Small Bathrooms

Take note of these essential points before you start renovations on your bathroom

Believe it or not, small bathrooms can hold many advantages in your day-to-day use. But if your new bathroom does not look like much and a makeover is in order, several things can be done to improve the look and feel of a small bathroom. If you are faced with the challenge of doing up a small bathroom, check out these easy tricks to get started – and avoid making costly mistakes that you’ll have to live with for the coming years.

Light solid colours
Choosing light and neutral colours like white, grey and beige is a foolproof way to ensure your bathroom does not appear smaller than it is. More importantly than choosing light colours, however, is to go for solid colours. Avoid heavy patterns that drape all over the walls as this can create a closed-in feel.

Choose smaller fixtures and fittings
Fixtures and fittings such as the water closet, bathroom faucet and sink can be downsized so that they are proportionate to the space. Make sure not to compromise comfort though. A sink that’s too small would only lead to more splashes of water outside the sink, leading to a wet and messy bathroom.

Stick to showers
Choose showerheads over bathtubs if you are faced with space constraints. Bathtubs tend to appear bulky especially in small spaces. They also interrupt visual flow. Streamlined showerheads, on the other hand, contribute to a larger-looking bathroom. You can also opt for ceiling-mounted showerheads, which helps to free up the wall for other uses.

Go for sliding shower doors
Given that there is limited space, sliding shower doors are a practical option as compared to those that swing open – especially when your bathroom door swings inwards. Also look for good quality sliding shower doors that can withstand water over long-term use without getting jammed.

Remove bulky furniture
Consider how you plan to use the bathroom. Is a large vanity with plenty of storage necessary for your bathroom or can you do without it? Also, go for double-duty items like a mirror cabinet to store your beauty products. That way, you can do without additional shelving units.

Make use of corners
Often, a space comes with niches and corners that may appear difficult to utilise. However, these spaces can be put to good use because whatever that will be placed there can remain visually unobtrusive. Try adding shelves or other storage units that fit within the dimensions.

Open shelves
Covered storage has its pros and cons; yes, it may look neater, but it also tends to encroach on space if too bulky. Consider open shelves if you need minimal storage space. Place them in corners or walls that are less prominent.