On the Grid

Grid shelves are easy to love. More than just practical solutions to your growing collection of books or limited-edition toys, grid shelves are perfect for displaying them beautifully. But with most grid shelves available in standard dimensions, finding the right grid ones for your space can be a major hassle. Enter the Muji Grid Storage Shelves, which can be easily built and customised with add-on features.

For one thing, you can create two rows of shelves and lay them on the side to serve as smart waist-high dividers. Or you can put together a few columns and line them against the wall as a dramatic centrepiece where your favourite titles take pride of place. And if you need more space, there’s really no need to go on a book-buying fast. All you have to do is just add another column to the unit.

Available in two colours – natural and walnut – these are simple but effective and flexible solutions to storage problems.