Make the best out of your compact bathrooms

These days, with apartments getting smaller, it’s common for bathrooms to lose some precious square inches. Added to that, no longer is the bedroom the sanctuary where we get away from it all, the concept has extended to the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it is still possible to make it look bigger and better.

Measure up
The first thing to do is locate any dead spaces in the bathroom. This is where you can incorporate shelving units or custom cabinets to house your toiletries and small items. It also helps to look above eye level, as these are spaces on the wall where you can incorporate storage units for lesser-used items. Remember that the bathroom is a wet area, so ensure that it is within easy reach to prevent slips and accidents.

Make the bathtub possible
Thinking of an overhaul for your bathroom? Think outside the box. A well-planned layout can even make a bathtub possible in the bathroom. Free up space by bringing the vanity area and sink out of the bathroom proper and you’ll make your bathtub dream come true.

Play with colours
Having an all-white bathroom is a surefire way to make your bathroom look bigger. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours even in a small bathroom. Either go for contrast or play with different shades of one colour. Either way, you’ll add texture and depth into the space.

Light the way
Lighting is another great way to introduce depth into the bathroom. Do so by incorporating cove lighting behind the mirror and underneath wall-mounted cabinetry. This will add dimension to the space, and draw attention to the features in the space, and away from the standard fixtures such as the water closet and shower area.

Look out for the light source
Most apartment bathrooms come with small windows. If possible, lay out the bathroom such that the mirror serves to bounce light into the space from the window.

Reflect greatly
You can’t go wrong with having a large mirror in the bathroom. The larger the mirror is, the more spacious your bathroom will appear. For additional storage space, front your cabinet with mirror panels. Ensure that they are sliding doors to aid usage. Worthy of note, too, is that the cabinet does not need to have too much depth, as items like toiletries are typically in small sizes.

Glass partitions
In a small bathroom, it is best to include a glass partition so that the space outside the shower area doesn’t get drenched after a shower. A glass partition also does not block visual flow, preventing your bathroom from appearing cramped.

Open and close
If you need plenty of storage units in the bathroom, opt for a mixed of open and closed cabinets. Closed cabinets have their advantages to help your bathroom appear neat, but they can make it appear boxed up too.