Increasing Popularity of Home Automation in Landed, HDB and Condominium Homes

Today’s home automation products are not only more sophisticated, but also more affordable

The right home automation products can provide ease, convenience and security in the home. Increasingly, too, owners of landed properties, but also HDB and condominium apartments are adopting home automation. Once accessible only to the affluent, home automation products can now be enjoyed by many homeowners today.

Andy Ng, a representative from CUE Asia, says,

“Five years ago, home automation was more common in the landed property sector, which was only a small 20 per cent of the population. This has changed a lot now as the total cost of ownership has come down with the introduction of the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note.”

Mobile device apps, which can be downloaded onto the devices, also make it much easier to control various aspects in the home.

“The touch panel usually contributes to almost 60 to 80 per cent of the hardware cost of a control systems. We now have native support for most other popular platforms like iOS, Android or Win7 and 8, and the option of going full web-based control. All you need in a house, HDB or condo now are only a controller, power modules, switches, cabling and software license,”

Ng explains.

HDB and condominium apartments tend to have or require fewer home automation products to be integrated into the home due to space constraints.

For a long time, full home automation is popular in landed properties. Yet, owners of HDB and condominium apartments today have become savvier in their understanding and appreciation of interior design. They are also appreciative of new technologies, as well as are willing to invest in quality products to enhance their busy lifestyles. This is where home automation assists to make everyday living easier.

Home automation can control many areas of the home. These include lights with dimming, air-conditioning, background music systems, home theatre, security devices and cameras and even curtains, blinds and other window treatments. Some home automation brands even allow you to control the different parts of your home remotely. For example, you can set to switch on your music system before you reach home, so that you will be greeted by your favourite music when you step into the home.

On the flipside, home automation can also help you to save on energy usage. For example, motion sensor can be installed in the bathroom, which will switch off the lights after 10 minutes of inactivity. For added convenience, you can also opt for a system that lets you switch off all audio-visual equipment with one button to eliminate power wastage. Unsure if you’ve switched off everything in the home before your vacation? With the right set-up on the mobile phone, you can even send a text message to switch everything in the home.

As technologies become more sophisticated, we are perhaps looking towards a future where automation will be central to our lives, whether we live in a landed property, HDB or condominium apartment.