How to Work Carpets and Rugs into Small Homes

Three great tips on choosing the right carpets and rugs to enhance the look of small spaces

One of the common misconceptions about carpets and rugs is that they are a big no-no in small homes. On the contrary, carpets and rugs can help enhance the look of small spaces, creating the illusion of a larger space.

But first, let’s have a look at the terminology: the difference between a rug and carpet. While the terms may have been used interchangeably, the difference between the two lies in the size. A carpet is bigger than 40 sq ft and anything smaller is technically referred to as a rug.

Full on
Moving on, a carpet that goes wall to wall is not common in many homes in Singapore and other parts of Asia. However, such carpets can help make a small home appear bigger. If you choose to install a full carpet, choose light colours like beige or tan to give the illusion of a large floor area.

Having patterns on your carpets is another option. However, if you choose bold patterns, make sure that they complement the furniture. Otherwise, they would only overwhelm the living space. Tone-on-tone patterns that are also small and repetitive are a better alternative if you already have other focal points such as a bold artwork or statement furniture.

Go small
To make a living area look more spacious, try incorporating a small rug then place your furniture around it. This creates the illusion of a more open floor area. Enhance the look even further by moving your furniture away from the wall. This works well for the living area and dining area, especially because the dining set is usually set away from the wall. You’ll notice that seeing more of your floor creates the illusion of a more open space.

Again, avoid bold colours that contrast with your flooring. This only serves to create greater definition of the space, in turn highlighting the size of the area. Instead, go for a rug in the same colour tones as your flooring. Try thick, plush textures when choosing rugs.

Make it round
What if you prefer to have your rug in a bold colour? Avoid rectangular or square rugs, but go for round carpets instead. That’s because rectangular ones go best in spacious living spaces, and square rugs fit beautifully only in square rooms. Take the time to find a round rug that you really love if you plan to include a carpet in your home.

A round rug will open up the space in a small room because it creates a strong focal point in the space. This focal point creates an outward visual flow so that your room looks roomier than it really is. A round rug works best in the living area and bedroom as it serves to contrast against the straight lines of the furniture. With a round rug, you can even explore not only bold colours, but also patterns in contrasting colours.