How to Create a Soothing Environment for the Bathroom

Increasingly, many are seeing the bathroom as a place for me-time, where one spends precious minutes alone. No wonder then that many homeowners are keen to create a spa-like environment for the bathroom. Whether you are making small changes to improve the ambience or overhauling for the perfect sanctuary, here are our top tips for your bathroom.


If you are not looking to do a makeover for your bathroom, adopt simple changes. One easy way to enhance the atmosphere is to work with scents. Aromatherapy is an easy way to introduce scents that would bring relaxation to the body and mind. Essential oils used in aromatherapy brings positive effects to your physical and physiological well being. Even the tea light used to release the compounds in the essential oil enhances mood with its gentle flickering flame. You can choose from a wide range of essential oils, such as lavender, geranium and bergamot, to reduce tension in the body.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories that are not only well-designed, but also works with the interior of your bathroom enhances the setting effectively. Instead of leaving your bathroom products in their original packaging, look into the details and make bathroom accessories part of your décor. Consider a soap holder in the shape of a shell and sand-textured shampoo and shower gel dispensers to give your bathroom a rustic feel. Go for metallic or stone finishes for a luxe feel. Finally, refrain from using plastic material for storage on your bathroom counter and shelves.


Lighting plays a big role in creating atmosphere. Consider warm lighting for the bathroom to evoke a calming feel. A pendant light or chandelier in the bathroom instantly brings a sense of luxury into the space. Furthermore, the light and shadows created by your lighting also play a part, helping to transport your mind to some of your favourite spas. You can also opt for lighting fitted under your cabinets, which helps introduce soft lighting into the space.


Are you planning to overhaul your bathroom to create your personal sanctuary? Then, consider deeply your choice of finishes. Some may prefer texture in the bathroom, while others are partial to sleek finishes. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, of course. Smooth finishes like marble can also create a light and bright ambience yet remain calming to the eye. For a more exotic touch reminiscent of island resorts, consider natural textures like pebble wash, wood or stone finishes such as slate.


To create a relaxing ambience, avoid strong colours or bright pops of colours. Instead, go for neutral hues like white, beige and brown. These days, you can find laminate finishes and tiles that take on wood grain patterns. These materials are ideal for the bathroom as they are able to take moisture well. Introduce wood patterns on your bathroom cabinets, flooring or walls in measured amounts.


Likewise, fabrics for shower or window curtains should also be in a light, neutral colour. You will not go wrong with plain, white material with minimal patterns. Unassuming colours and patterns bring a sense of harmony and calm into the bathroom. If your towels are in view in the bathroom, go for white, beige or brown towels that also match the interior of your bathroom.

Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures like taps, showerheads and water closets may look like standard elements of the bathroom. However, these days, they come in a variety of styles to suit your bathroom design. If you have space in the bathroom, you might even want to indulge in a whirlpool bath. Perfect for unwinding with a glass of wine on Friday evenings! Nowadays, you can also find showerheads that make bath time an even more relaxing experience. Consider a rain shower for your bathroom, where water flows like rain from the showerhead mounted on the ceiling.