How To Create A Gorgeous Foyer For Your Home

Revamp the foyer and make a great impression on your guests

Live in a landed property? Then chances are, you’ll have plenty of space to create a foyer for your home. As a transitional space from the exterior of your home to the living area and the rest of the house, a great foyer is essential in creating the mood. If you live in an apartment, don’t let that stop you for creating a stylish foyer. Even a simple yet well-designed foyer, such as a pared down wooden table with a large orchid plant, can communicate to visitors on what to expect in the rest of the home.

Think about how you would feel visiting your favourite spa. Stepping into a beautifully designed spa would melt away the stress and mental burdens, preparing you for the relaxing experience ahead. The spatial experience is often the result of the combination of furnishings, textures, sounds, lighting and even scents. So if you are thinking of creating a foyer of your home, the aforementioned are factors that could come into play.

Establish a Style

To decide how your foyer looks like, you may want to look at the interior design of your home as a whole. Where possible, create a sense of consistency throughout the home. If the style of the foyer is too different from the rest of the home, it can create a sense of dissonance for visitors.

So if you’ve got a black and white contemporary interior, play up the theme by picking similarly coloured furnishings. Don’t be hesitant, however, to include colour or surprising pieces. Love eclectic interiors, then put together your favourite accessories and play with shapes, colour and texture.

Imbue Warmth

A foyer is essentially a feel-good space, whether it’s for guests or even for you as you step into or out of the home on a daily basis. Love flowers? Give yourself a treat by buying your favourite flowers every Sunday. You’ll start off Monday happy as you step out of the foyer too.

Imbuing warmth may be either in the form of colour or texture. So even if your foyer is done up in a cool palette of greys and blues, adding texture such as rugs, fabrics and plants brings about a welcoming ambience.

Create a Statement

If you are looking to have extensive renovations in your home, include architectural details into the foyer. They can be anything from internal windows to water features. Ideally, choose one or two large items to make a statement. Many homeowners house the shoe cabinet in the foyer. If you’re having a customised cabinet, get creative with the design so your shoe cabinet becomes the strong feature there.

For an apartment, you also can’t go wrong with a unique console and a dramatic mirror or art piece. Illuminate the space with a striking lighting piece and you have a foyer that both feels impressive and welcoming.