Get Started on Mattress Basics

Tips on mattresses, such as what mattresses are ideal for Singapore’s climate, by Michael Malkiewicz of American mattress brand Restonic, now available at OM

1. What type of mattresses would you say is best for a good night’s sleep?

This question is complex because we all have differing sleep needs. The best way to answer this is to find a reputable furniture retailer like OM, whose staff is trained to find the right mattress for your personal sleep profile.

2. You have been in the mattress business for 35 years. From your experience in product development, what are the key elements one should one look for in a mattress?

Comfort and support is key. Spend time lying on different models to feel the fit. Bring your sleeping partner with you because this is a decision you both will need to live with.

3. Please share a little-known fact about mattresses that would be useful for consumers to know.

The most expensive mattress may not always be the best for you.

4. For a humid climate in countries like Singapore, what is essential in a mattress?

Consider a mattress with latex or gel in the upper comfort layers. These mattresses tend to sleep cooler because of their abilities to breathe (airflow).

5. What are signs to look for that indicate a mattress needs to be changed?

The most obvious signs are waking up with a sore back, poor overall sleep (feeling tired all the time) and lack of support.

6. How would you suggest that consumers do when mattress shopping?

Husbands and wives must shop together. Spend time trying various models. Rely on the retailers’ sleep consultant for guidance.

7. What steps can be taken to care for a mattress?

Always use a fitted mattress pad to care for the mattress. Warranties are voided due to soilage. Other than that, a quality mattress is pretty much bullet proof. Bring it home and sweet dreams.