Fresh Illumination

KÕH Concepts, a Hong Kong company founded by designer Christophe d’Orey, has launched its first home design product, the KÕH Lamp. Designed by d’Orey, the KÕH Lamp offers lighting like no other, with its creative design and warm glow available in eight vivid shades.

Inspired during a trip to a village in Africa, d’Orey observed how villagers would gather around the campfire every night. The villagers did more than that too, setting a smoothing, relaxing mood for sharing the day’s events by placing light bulbs inside coloured canisters to create complementary lighting.

“I was reminded and touched by how something basic like a campfire was able to bring people together and encourage them to connect. This inspired me to take another basic item – the plastic container – to create a source of light that could transform atmospheres and remind people about the importance of interdependence even in our busy and modern lifestyles, and enable them to reconnect around the primal fire,” said Christophe d’Orey, designer and CEO of KÕH Concepts.

Our team at has tested the lamp, and would easily say that we love the KÕH Lamp! It gives a refreshing twist to the plastic container, something that’s familiar in our everyday lives. When not in use, the KÕH Lamp keeps a low profile. It gives a whole different perspective when the light is switched on. At once, it turns into a mood setter, radiating a unique glow that turns it into a tool to lift moods.

We love that the KÕH Lamp comes in eight shades, with each giving off a different vibe from the other. To brighten up your home, choose lime green or orange KÕH Lamps. There are various green and blue hues, which are excellent for bringing calm to the mind. And if you’re looking to give a sense of glamour to your home, go for the royal hues such as magenta and purple. Not only is the KÕH Lamp versatile for any space in the home or office, we also love that the easy-to-clean design makes it perfect for outdoor areas.