Five Feng Shui Ideas for Chinese New Year

Done with spring cleaning? Ready your home for Chinese New Year with these auspicious feng shui ideas
Chinese New Year is here once again, and if you’re done with spring cleaning and have gotten rid of clutter that blocks good energy, it’s time to move on to the next step. In the world of feng shui, there are many ways to get you ready for a year of prosperity and happiness. We suss out top five tips for Chinese New Year.

Flowers and plants for a fresh start

Flowers not only make a home look more pleasant and lively, but they hold special meaning in feng shui. The lucky bamboo is a popular plant that is easy to find during the Chinese New Year period. It attracts peace into the home, and like the bamboo itself, signifies strength and flexibility in the mind and spirit. Flowers like chrysanthemum attract good luck and signify balance.

Red for luck

Red is a vibrant colour that represents good things such as passion and energy. In feng shui, red is a colour denoting fire, and is associated with luck, abundance and prosperity. Incorporate red into parts of your home, particularly the wealth corner, which is in the southeast area, of the home. Decorate your home with home accessories in red. You might even want to consider painting your door red.

Symbols of wealth for prosperity

The wealth corner also can benefit from the placement of symbols of wealth. These can be anything from a bowl of antique or foreign coins to gold ingots. Having these symbols of wealth keep you aligned with abundance and prosperity.

Positive images for inspiration

What are your goals and hopes for the New Year ahead? Are you looking to create more abundance? Are you hoping to welcome a bundle of joy to the family? Put positive images throughout the home, particularly those that depict your wishes for the New Year. Look out for any images that are negative in your home, and remove them.

Scents for good energy

A fresh smelling home creates a welcoming environment when you return every day, as well as for guests during the festive season. Use scents from essential oils to create good energy in the home. So choose the right scent for the energy you’re looking for and make sure you are buying pure essential oils, and not fragrance oils. Essential oils are made from oils of a plant, and are a concentrated form of its essence. Peppermint is great for energising the home office, while citrus ones like lemon and tangerine clear stagnant energy in the kitchen.