Feng shui tips for ushering the new year

Want a fresh beginning to the upcoming year? Incorporating some feng shui ideas into the home can help bring balance and good energy into the home. We suss out five key feng shui tips.

1. De-clutter!
Top on the list of must-dos is to remove clutter in the house. A cluttered home is not only negative in the world of feng shui, but can also be depressing subconsciously.

2. Fix it if it’s broken
Got a leaky tap? Do all repair works that are necessary. This bodes well for a positive start to the year, as you would not be bogged down mentally by these troubles.

3. Incorporate a water fountain
Water is a symbol of prosperity and wealth according to feng shui philosophy. Have a simple water fountain in the living area or the place in your home where you usually do your work. It doesn’t matter if your fountain is large or small. Note, however, that water features can bring negative energy to the bedroom.

4. Images of happiness
If you want to bring more harmony and joy to your family, include happy photos of your family in different parts of the home. These also serve as reminders of happy times, which will naturally attract more happy times ahead.

5. Let there be light
Having a bright, light-filled interior is an essential part of feng shui. Bring in plenty of natural light to promote good health and a greater sense of well being.

6. Air it out
In addition to natural light, allowing fresh air into the home is essential for mental and physical health. Ensure good ventilation by keeping windows open regularly. Make sure the kitchen is ventilated well and your bedroom aired on a daily basis to prevent stale energy.

7. Everything fresh
Before the start of the new year, incorporate things that are fresh in the home. It can be your favourite fresh flowers, a bowl of fresh fruits on the dining table or new indoor plants in the home to bring in new energy into the home.

8. Make a move
Another key element of feng shui is to move furniture in the home to shift the energy flow. Don’t keep your furniture in the same place year in and year out. Moving it just an inch can be beneficial for good energy flow. Even something as simple as switching places for your home accessories also helps.