Far-from-ordinary wallcoverings to jazz up small spaces

Left the wall in your home blank to make it appear larger? Adding visual interest will wallcoverings might do the trick better.

Owners of small homes often tread carefully when dealing with the walls in their homes. The common belief is that white walls are the answer to larger living spaces. However, adding wallcoverings can be beneficial in livening up small homes and shoebox apartments, while creating a more open feel. And, yes, you don’t have to always go for small patterns to make it appear larger.

What can you do with two blank walls that flank a corridor? Wallcoverings or artworks can create a sense of symmetry when the arrangement or design on one wall mirrors the order. However, you can buck the trend by going for different designs on the two walls. However, be sure that the styles are along the same vein, or else the two will appear jarringly mismatched. Pay attention to colour too, and make sure that at least one colour seen on one wall appears on the other. This will create a sense of flow and balance that connects the two designs. If your other walls are in white, keep the palette light so that they blend well.

Furnishings are a huge determining factor to the interior design style of your home. For instance, a minimalist interior would benefit from strict lines and clean, plain surfaces. For a Oriental-inspired interior, you may wish consider putting up an Oriental-theme wallcovering to tie the look of the furnishings together. This strengthens your interior design theme, while adding a burst of colour that lightens the feel of heavy Oriental wood furniture. Avoid dark colours, and go for a light-coloured base even if the patterns are in darker hues. These add a sense of contrast to the patterns.

In small homes and shoebox apartments, wallcoverings can do much for your interior by opening up the space visually. You can do so with the motif of the wallcovering, for instance, one depicting a painting of double doors that lead out to a French garden. The perspective on the wallcoverings will direct the eyes away from the interior, giving the illusion of a larger space.

When it comes to choosing wallcoverings, there are a multitude of choices out there. They do more than enhancing your interior aesthetically. Wallcoverings with textures like velvet and other fabrics add a tactile dimension to your interior, often subtly resulting in an intimate and warm ambience. When combined with visuals, they do more than enhance your sense of space in the home.