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Keep your refrigerator organised and your foodstuff fresh for as long as possible

Find it difficult to find your foodstuff in your refrigerator? Learn how to organise your refrigerator with these tips from Adeline Poh, the marcom manager of Howards Storage World.

1. What would be a good way to organise the shelves in terms of the height and spacing?

When arranging your fridge shelves, always make sure you can see and reach items, particularly on the highest shelf. If items are not visible, there’s a strong chance you’ll forget about them which will result in food wastage and shopping double-ups. Shelves should also not be placed too close together. This will make it difficult to reach items stored at the back, especially when the fridge is fairly full.

2. How do you recommend items to be organised from top to bottom?

Items should be grouped together and stored in caddies and baskets. That way it will be easy to find what you want at a glance. When needed, the basket can be taken out straight from the fridge to the dining table or kitchen countertop instead of making multiple trips back and forth. You should also organise items according to accessibility, so items that are used on a daily basis should be placed at eye level on the centre shelves that are easier to reach. Those that are used less often can go on the top and bottom shelves of the fridge.

3. It can be hard to see what’s at the back of the fridge and some things get forgotten. What’s a good system to keep the contents of the fridge organised?

A turntable provides easy access to items, particularly those stored at the back of the fridge. Labeling containers with the contents and date that they were placed in the fridge will enable you to keep track of what’s in your fridge and how long it’s been there.

4. What containers are best for storage?

Airtight BPA-free containers are best for food storage, and microwavable ones are especially great for storing leftovers. That way, you can simply take them from the fridge straight into the microwave for convenient reheating.

5. Why is it not advisable to put eggs on the inside of the refrigerator door?

The constant change in temperature each time you open and close the fridge door will cause the eggs to go off quicker. Hence a better alternative is to store your eggs in a specialised egg tray, which can be placed on the fridge shelf together with the rest of your dairy products.

6. Best part of the fridge to store items with a longer shelf life?

Items that have a longer shelf life should be stored further to the back of the fridge or on the fridge door.

7. Fresh produce like meats, fish and vegetable have a shorter shelf life. Is there a way to prolong the freshness of these foods?

You can place a Keep Fresh Cartridge in the fridge to remove harmful ethylene gas that builds up in your fridge. This slows down the ripening process of your fruits and veggies and keeps them fresh for up to 6 weeks longer. For raw meats and fish, always store them in spill-proof containers or Ziploc bags to prevent their juices from leaking out and contaminating other food.

8. Points to note for organising the fridge for families with young children?

For families with young children, it’s advisable to place glass bottles and jars on the high shelves away from their reach. Medicines should also be kept in latched containers that will not be easily opened by the little ones.