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At the heart of feng shui is design that keeps different elements in your living space in harmony. Learn to apply basic feng shui ideas to your living room. We suss out some do’s and don’ts when designing your living room.

The age-old wisdom of feng shui stemmed from the need to create a pleasant environment for living. This study of aesthetics can have an impact on the way we feel in our homes on a day-to-day basis. According to feng shui beliefs, positive energy (referred to as qi) plays a part in aiding prosperity and good health. As such, even in our modern lifestyles today, applying feng shui practices promotes positive energy in our living spaces. Here, we suss out some do’s and don’ts when designing your living room.

The sofa is the key furniture piece in the living room. It’s also where you will be seated most of the time. A key point is to ensure that the main door can be seen from the sofa. This will give you a greater sense of security as it provides you with a good view of visitors or passers-by. The sofa, however, should not have its back to the front door.

It is vital to keep your living room clutter free. Always de-clutter your coffee table and dining table. Placing a potted plant or two on the respective tables also helps elicit a relaxed feeling. Likewise, placing too many furniture pieces in the living room can hinder the flow of chi throughout your home.

Light up dark corners of the home with mirror, plants or lighting. Think of them as spaces that need attention. By giving them the attention they need, you will encourage qi to flow to these spaces.

Is the door to your apartment located close to or opposite the lift? The sounds of the lift moving up or down could create feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. This may have adverse effects on health. Consider placing mirrors to deflect the energy caused by the lift. You can also employ potted plants to create a sense of stability.

In feng shui principles, the first room one sees in a space is critical. This has an effect on the thoughts that occupy the minds of the people living there. Is the kitchen the first space you see from the living room upon stepping through the main door? This may invite thoughts on food, weight and health. Close off the kitchen, or draw attention away from the kitchen with a striking decoration in the living room.