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Key feng shui tips to enhance your home environment

For thousands of years, the Chinese have developed an understanding of feng shui to enhance peace, harmony and prosperity. Even as we go further into the modern technological age, this ancient knowledge may offer benefits to our daily lives. Yuxuan Fengshui & Handicraft Trading shares eight key tips* on balancing energy and enhancing the environment.

  1. Make sure that the space at the main door is free and clear of obstructions. Avoid placing shoes or slippers outside the main door. Chi, or energy, enters the house with the wind. The smell of shoes and slippers outside the house enters the house, and may cause sickness.
  2. Having water features such as fish tanks or water fountains is necessary in the house. Chi that travels into the house with the wind needs water to stay, and without those, chi will be dispersed.
  3. Find a favourable area in the home to place an indoor water fountain. Take note of its effects over several months.
  4. Always note where you place the fish tank. When placed in the right location, it can bring about fortune. But when placed in an unfavourable location, it can lead to money problems and work pressure. Observe the effect of the placement of the fish tank. If negative incidents occur, you may wish to move the fish tank to another area.
  5. When configuring your kitchen layout, avoid placing your refrigerator, washing machine, bathroom and sink opposite your hob. The hob (fire element) and the others (water element) may cause disagreements in the household.
  6. Mirrors may help in opening a space up visually, but be careful not to place the mirror opposite or at the side of you bed. Mirrors opposite the bed may raise the likelihood of marital problems such as a third party to the relationship.
  7. Always place your bed against a solid wall. This increases the chances of going into deeper sleep so you will feel well rested.
  8. To keep young children motivated to study, make sure to have their back to the wall. A solid wall behind the writing desk for the child gives support so they are able to maintain concentration longer.