Complete the look of your home and amp up your interior design theme

A quick guide to decorating your dream home

Are your renovations complete? Have the workmen left the premises, leaving you with newly painted walls and new customised features in your home? Are your large furniture pieces such as the sofa, tables and beds in place? So what’s next in your journey to completing the look of your home and matching it with your interior design theme? That would be decorations. Finding the right decorations for the home is almost impossible and, really, best not to be done over a weekend. In fact, it is really about taking the time to find the pieces that you absolutely love. The challenge, however, is in putting everything together cohesively, so that each is in harmony with the others.

Take your time
It takes time to discover your personal style, and that can be done either through visiting furniture showrooms, online magazines and blogs or interior design and decoration magazines. Observe what resonates with you, be it the colour scheme, the decoration style or the lines of the furnishings.

Be aware of colours
Before you start buying decorative pieces for your home, keep in mind the interior design colour scheme and mood of your home. Do you intend to create a soothing mood or a vibrant atmosphere? For the former, it is best to stick to soothing, neutral hues for your decorative pieces, or at most one bright hue to break any monotony. For a lively atmosphere, play with bright colours, but keep to three colours at most, so that the home may not appear too cluttered visually.

Remember repetition
When decorating the home, be sure to introduce pieces in the same colour more than once. Got a vase in turquoise in a corner in your dining area? Introduce a small accent piece on the sideboard in turquoise too. Repeating your accent colours shows thought in styling and decorating. Plus, it strengthens your interior design colour scheme.

Invest in different lighting types
So you’ve got lighting overhead, be it pendant lights or down lights. But consider also lighting pieces for tables or the floors. Floor lights such as uplighters shine lights upwards while table lamps add a warm pool of light to pockets of space. These add layers of light to a space, which brings a sense of intimacy.

Dress up the walls
Whether your walls are painted or clad in wallcoverings, you’ll find that hanging artworks on the wall make a huge difference to the look of your interior design space. They can enhance the proportion of the space or bring colour and depth to a space. Go for large images or themes for larger spaces in the home such as the living and dining areas, and go for smaller pieces in confined areas like narrow hallways and bathrooms. Also, hang artworks at eye level.

Throw pillows are a must
Very few homes do without sofas, and that tells a lot about what the sofa means as a place to unwind in comfort. Having throw pillows on the sofa adds to the ambience of comfort. Look at introducing textures with your choice of fabrics and patterns for the throw pillows. For a solid-coloured sofa, include one or two with patterns, or try matching them with solid-coloured ones. Have two of each design to introduce a sense of symmetry. However, don’t use too many throw pillows that they end up cluttering the sofa.

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