Bold Colours for Small Spaces

Even small homes can do with bold, strong colours

When it comes to choosing the colours for the interior design scheme of small homes, many homeowners believe that white walls are the go-to solution. The colour white opens up space, creating the illusion of a larger area. But the truth be told, you don’t have to make white the only option for small homes. If you love bold colours, don’t let the size of your home stop you.

When choosing colours for the interior design of your home, imagination and a little chutzpah would come in handy. That, and taking a fresh approach to small spaces, and you’ll have a home unique to yourself.

Start by determining the feel you want to evoke in the home. If you still want the home to look more spacious than it is, go for a light palette. A dark palette will make the home appear smaller and cosier than a palette of pastels. Next, remember that cool colours like shades of blue and green denote a feeling of calm while warm colours add liveliness to a home.